Born Through Her

GOD THE FATHER. How profound are Jesus’ words: “Call no one on earth your father” (St. Matthew 23: 9). Indeed, no one is a father in the perfect sense of that word, since the first beginning of each thing is the first father of all: God the Father.

ALL OTHERS ARE BUT ECHOES, MERE ECHOES. In a sense, divinity eternally flows from the Father into the Son and from the Father and the Son into the Holy Spirit, while from the Most Holy Trinity there flows into the Virgin Mother of God, of Jesus, the prototype of the perfect, holy man who is moreover Man-God.

SAINTS WILL BE SHAPED ON THAT MODEL. But Jesus will not be born in their souls except through Mary Immaculate. He will not grow within them and will not make them like Himself except through the one by whom the Man-God, Jesus, was raised.

+St. Maximilian Kolbe | Kolbe Writings Vol. II | Marytown Press

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