G A R D E N S  |  P I L G R I M A G E S  |  T W O   F L O W E R S  |  S C H O O L S

May the succulent plant help us to spread Marian devotion by creating beautiful little gardens of the Immaculata. Here we have perfect plants that are both unique in size and shape while bring known for covering water and amazingly able to reproduce itself through propagation. 

In 1830 Our Lady gave the world her medal of the Immaculate Conception that became known as “Miraculous”. In efforts to share this very medal a Franciscan priest (St. Maximilian M.Kolbe) travel to the Orient in 1930 and began a new Catholic mission called the “Garden of the Immaculata”.

With both the popularity and low maintenance of succulents, and to prepare for the 200th anniversary of the Miraculous Medal, we find this as a opportunity to share these beautiful plants through Immaculate gardens and through them help spread devotion to the mission of the Militia of the Immaculata.

We are not experts when it comes to knowing all the ins and outs of gardening, but we hope we can still offer some insights on basic succulent gardening. 

Succulent plants are known for being water conserving plants. All succulents need good draining soil and usually only require watering when the soil is dry to the touch. Also, be sure to only water the soil around the plant and not directly on plant itself.

Succulent plants may very to how much sun they can take. Plants may range from from direct light, to bright light to filter light. We have notice that giving your plants to much sun can easily dry out your soil, in which case watering more often would be require to prevent you plants form burning out and dying. 

One of the most unique trait pf succulent plants is their ability to reproduce itself through propagation. By simple taking a leaf off your mother plant, you can produce a whole new plant. There are a number of ways to go about it, but one succulent plant can give many new plants. 

Your succulent plant  growth may require an occasional pruning. Like leave propagation, your prune offshoots from the mother plant can easily be  transplanted and become a whole new plant. 

Succulent plants are both delicate and tolerable. If they are in well draining soil, and are given enough light and watered when needed, you can be sure to have plant growth and new plants fr years to come.


Since it was through a garden that sin and death came into the world, may it be through a Garden of the Immaculata that all turn back to the love and grace of God. 

Basic gardening tips and ideas to help you to create you very own Garden of the Immaculata. If it is a small garden you have in your house or one that makes up your whole front/backyard, we hope to provide you with information and encouragement. Our only goal is to foster Marian devotion through a garden in the example and spirituality of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe.