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TWO FLOWERS MI PRAYER VILLAGE — Every 1st Sunday of the Month (2018) in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Sunday - Aug. 5th | Sunday - 2nd. | Sunday - Oct. 7th. 

The Two Flowers are a reflection on the unique spiritual connection between the holy lives of St. Thérèse Martin & St. Maximilian M. Kolbe. When Kolbe was 9 years of age, he seen Our Lady in a apparition offering him Two Crowns. One crown was white for purity (chaste of heart and mind) and the other was red for martyrdom (sacrificial love). We see these two crown in the life of Thérèse by the religious names she took as a Carmelite nun. Sister Thérèse of theChild Jesus (white flower/crown) and the Holy Face (red flower/crown).

I have yet to hear when Kolbe first learned of Thérèse, but is is said the autobiography of Sister Thérèse was one book often seen with him. After being ordain a Catholic Priest at the age of 24, he began to offer Holy Mass for the glorification of Thérèse Martin, so that she would soon be recognized by the Universal Church as a Catholic saint. These prayers would be be answered just 7 years later, as she was canonized a Saint by Pope Prius IX and declared the Parton Saint of the Catholic missions. 


THÉRÈSE MARTIN MI PRAYER VILLAGE — Every 1st of the Month (2018) at Divine Word Seminary in Riverside, CA

Wednesday - Aug 1st. | Saturday - Sept. 1st. | Monday - Oct. 1st. 



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