Immaculata (Pocket) Statue

Immaculata (Pocket) Statue

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a   m   d   g   m   i   p   v   s   t   s   a   g 

Pocket Statue and but is also an ideal size for creating you very own (littlest) garden of the Immaculata
Size  1 3/4"
Material: Simple Silver Pewter Medal

These Immaculata statue perfect size for you to carry with you in your pocket or purse, which recalls a store in young (Raymond) Maximilian M. Kolbe’s life. While on a family outing young Raymond was given some money so that he could buy himself something at the local market. Upon asking his son spent his money on, Raymond reveal to his father a small Immaculata statue. Curious to why he would make such a purchase since the family already own a statue at home, Raymond responded, “So my Mother will always be with me.” 

This beautiful statue is also an ideal size to be used for creating your very own (littlest) garden dedicated to our Mother Immaculata.

"Stay often with the Immaculata, converse with her often, linger one on one with her often, and you shall become more and more like her.” +St. Maximilian M. Kolbe

THE HOPE is to help foster true devotion to the Immaculata through a garden, no matter how small it may be. May this garden be a way for to draw close to the Immaculata, so to bring about true renewal for the world. As small way to bring about Marian Consecration throughout the world and more and more dedications of M.I. gardens at our homes, parishes and parks. 

Building a garden to the Immaculata, can be done by all her children wherever you happen to find yourself in this world. May this statue be a (maternal) inspiration for you to cultivate trust and mercy in your heart and draw you ever close to her Eucharistic Son, Jesus Christ.